Proposition for the derelict WC block

As other people are posting articles giving you the option to object to the redevelopment of the toilet block on Millfields Road, I thought it would be good to start a thread where people in favour of it might write their comments as things are becoming pretty impartial. As the title of this website suggests, its a ‘positive’ place for all to discuss Hackney, so should anyone who would like to see the terrible blue boarding go, and something new and positive in its place, please feel free to write here.I personally like the scheme, and hate looking at those blue boards on my way to work. I also think that putting modern buildings that are meant to look old, next to nice historical ones just makes the old ones seem less interesting. I think that putting a few buildings that look modern on Clapton Pond would make the others seem so much more important. Or we could all just complain about the scheme, get it refused and wait another 4 years before someone else proposes the same thing… We live in the 20th Century, and there are buildings around the pond from every other era, so why shouldn’t we leave our mark?

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  1. @helenlittlewood I agree with your sentiment but not your solution. We should keep all related topic on the same thread, so that people can share a dialogue on this. That’s what discussion is all about.

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