Proposed pedestrian link through Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

I received this email from Open Dalston which is well worth a read if you use Dalston Eastern Curve Garden:The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden has been open to the public since July 2010 and has quickly established itself as a relaxing and popular green space in the heart of Dalston. You can see photos of many of the events that have taken place there and find out more about about what’s happening at OPEN Dalston are part of the Steering Group for the Garden along with Arcola Theatre Bootstrap Company HCD HCVS and V22 Studios.Members of the Steering Group have now been invited to comment on a Hackney Council proposal which will impact on the Garden. The Council have commissioned designs for a new pedestrian route which will link Dalston Lane to the Kingsland Shopping Centre – their planned route for this link runs through the Garden. There are a number of design ‘options’ involved all of which will change the Garden’s current layout and atmosphere in some way.Dalston Eastern Curve You can download a PDF of the Council’s rationale for the ‘Dalston Link’ proposal and the design options that have been developed to date here can also view printed copies of the Council’s proposals by visiting the Garden 11am-3pm Tuesday 1 – Friday 4 March and on Saturday 5 March you can drop in to discuss the plans with members of OPEN Dalston from 11am – 4pm. In the meantime if you have any questions about the proposals please email info@opendalston.netThe Garden Steering Group are currently preparing a written response to the proposals. If you would like to send your own comments on the design concepts to Hackney Council you can send them to by Friday 4 March 2011.”

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