Professional Dog Training

Professional Dog Training

Hi Guys!

I am a professional and qualified Canine Behaviourist (Dog Trainer) now living in Hackney Downs (E8).


Complete Dog Solutions is London’s premiere Professional Canine Behaviour consultancy and training business recognised for over 12 years of international experience and qualifications.

CDS is committed to not only training your canine friends, helping you achieve your goals, and teaching owners and children how best to raise and train their pets, but also enhancing the relationship you have with your dog to create a genuinely happy dog and owner.

I am committed to using the most effective and scientifically proven training methods, as well as ensuring that I meet the requirements of all my clients and their dogs.

Being able to adapt to all different breeds, temperaments and lifestyles is a high priority, as I understand that just as no two people are ever the same, neither are two dogs.

Individual FREE assessments are conducted on each dog’s personality and temperament so that I can best tailor a training program, and provide clients with a better understanding of their four legged companions!



-OBEDIENCE (Sit, Drop, Stay, Come when called, Heel, Loose-Lead walking)

-BEHAVIOUR PROBLEM SOLVING for any unwanted behaviour that your dog may be exhibiting (eg: jumping, barking, mouthing, biting, digging, running away, destructive chewing, aggression to dogs or people, seperation anxiety, dominance, stealing, over excitability, toilet training, food aggression…. And the list goes on!).

-CHILDREN AND DOGS It is absolutely crutial that every dog learn how to propely interact with children. Whether it be a new baby joining the house, or a friend’s child coming to visit, a well mannered, well behaved dog will ensure safety and fun at all times!

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