Product photography required

Hi all,My girlfriend started a fairtrade/ethnic jewellery business a couple of months ago. She’s now in a position where she wants to get online. We think we’ve got someone to construct the website itself, but we really need some cool pics of the jewellery to go with it. So what I’m looking for is someone to do around 30 pics of various pieces that she has, along with a few model shots for the homepage.I should stress that there isnt really a huge amount of money available (I did enquire with some professional commercial photographers and my jaw dropped when I found out how much they charged) so perhaps this would better suit someone who wants to build a portfolio as well as getting some decent pocket money!

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  1. Hi Gavin, I would be able to do these for you – take a look at my website and click through to my blog where there are some shots from a jewellery model shoot I did recently.What is your budget?  And when do you need the photos doing?You can email me at or phone 07793742454. Thanks,Hannah

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