Private Rentals (2 Bed required in Clapton Area)

Hi All…

Was wondering if anyone can help….

Me, my wife and our little girl are having to to move from our 2 bed flat on downs road… we’ve been in the area for 5 years now, and love it… especially being that our little girl is settled in nursery now….. anyway, the area has obviously become crazy expensive over the years, and finding a two bed flat is proving difficult/painful…. so i was wondering if anyone had anything coming up?… or any advice on finding private rentals… anything to avoid the dreaded estate agent!!!…

Thanks in advance for any advice



  1. Simon!! We can’t lose you! Hope something turns up soon… Violaine x

  2. Hey violaine..

    Yep… I know I know… Badly don’t want to move either…. Keep your ear to the ground for me! 😉 x

  3. Will do for sure, also probably worth speaking to our local shop keepers: Abdul at Palm 2, Zaf at New Era, etc. They might know of somewhere available… Let’s have a catch up and drinks on the front steps asap, please : ) Vx

  4. @silversee I have also just posted your request on FB in the hope my local friends and neighbours will help x

  5. Big thanks……

    nice to see the community spirit is still alive!….. and yes, lets do drinks on the step soon.. the weather warrants it! x

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