Princess of Wales – New pub needs new staff

Hi one  and  all. I am the new manager for the Princess of Wales. Many people I have spoken to have said the pub needed some love.   Well, Five week closure, stripped back to its shell and rebuilt, A LOT OF LOVE has been given.  Every light fitting, chair,  table has been thrown out and replaced with brand new kit.   New toilets new kitchen, new everything.  Now all I need is new staff.  If anyone knows anyone who wants to work as part of the new team, Kitchen or bar, then please send  details to looking forward  to serving you all from the 25th.

Kind regards Simon


  1. @pacman Thanks Simon. From the look of your mood boards it certainly looks as though it’ll be a big change; forward to popping in for a bite to eat one weekend. Do you have a sample of your menu yet?”

  2. @pacman assuming you mean 25th June?What will your food and drink look like?

  3. Hi. Drinks range is being finalised this week. Still having standard fosters and becks vier with a few interesting ones. Food is going to remain English but a little Italian influence slipping in. Not going full gastro but will be very fresh. All bread used will be baked daily on site, pasta homemade, pizza made from scracth in the new pizza oven. All reasonably priced. Cheers

  4. Just popped in for a quick drink and some complimentary nibbles. Very good. Particularly impressed with their pizzas and breads. A butternut squash with sage soup was also delicious. Not really a \boozer” anymore but I’m sure it’ll be a hit with families taking a weekend stroll.”

  5. Great news, I’ve had some dreadful experiences here in the past but looking forward to some good ones in the future… 😉

  6. I also dropped by on the opening Monday and thought it was great! Although I live so close, I never used the pub before as it seemed grotty, but think I’ll become a frequent visitor from now on.

  7. Pint of Peroni = £4.85 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 wow.

  8. Peroni is expensive wherever you go! I actually like the Princess of Wales, perhaps more so that the Clapton Hart. Perhaps its the setting, which is fantastic – to have had a pub there and people not attracted to it shows how badly run it was beforehand. I also like the fact you can take dogs in. Prices are a bit steep, granted, in which case there’s always the Hope and Anchor further up the river. All in all though its great they finally realised the value in the place as an actual pub, an lets hope the success of the recent openings is going to get the owners of places like the Three Sisters, London Tavern, Lord Cecil, Cricketers and Clapton Park Tavern (there’s one crying out for development) pause for thought as they rush to turn them into residential.

  9. £4.85 for a crappy Peroni?! Mass produced rubbish dressed up as something ‘premium’. Much rather pay £1.60 less for a lovely Moravka down the Pembury. Prices aside, I did enjoy my time there a few weekends back. It’s actually rather nice now.

  10. I hadn’t followed this development with the Wales and turned up the other day to watch a football match on Sky, as I’ve done in there for years. Also used to watch Test Match cricket and various other things there. No more of that in there: I was taken aback by the new look, which is perfectly nice, and disappointed there’s no sports any more. I can’t say I miss the flies that were always buzzing around in summer, however. I realise Sky Sports is a ripoff and it’s uneconomic to have it and if I was Youngs I’d probably do the same thing. It means I’ll be going there less in future. Also, £16/£17 for a steak is a lot of money for pub food I think.

  11. Great location,  but trying to be trendy and missing by a mile. Very expensive and the bar staff refused us moving the chairs around in an empty pub just because later it might get busy!   Maybe focus more on customer service and worry about the customers you have and not he ones you might have later…a bird in the hand etc etc.  This local bird won’t be going anywhere near the place again.

  12. Are we confusing ‘trendy’ with simple ‘jobsworty’ here? It really doesn’t strike me as trendy in the now normal Clapton mode.

  13. Are we confusing ‘trendy’ with simple ‘jobsworty’ here? It really doesn’t strike me as trendy in the now normal Clapton mode.

  14. Princess of Wales is just about the least trendy place I can think of. It’s like a sea of beige and brown and suede and leatherette. Also all the babies in there are posh.

  15. Well, at least theyre being honest with their clientele and pointing out that they are staunchly middle class…whereas all the other new places hide that behind exposed brick and distressed wood to ease their patron’s conscience.

  16. I’ve noticed quite a variety of clientele there during the week. I really don’t think it’s trying to be anything other than a nice clean pub with good food.

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