Prince Edward pub under threat

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More about the pub here:


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  2. The pub was bought in 2010 by Sandeep Johal of Clapton. He wishes to demolish it and replace with nine unaffordable flats and two cafes at ground level. The publican, Audrey, and her father have been there since 2008 in one form or another. The pub is very popular with the West Indian community and has live music most Friday and Saturday nights with house DJs playing late. There are also theme nights with free Caribbean food and Thursday night is complementary curry. We are reliably informed this is the last true West Indian community pub in Hackney. The current threat is subject to planning consent but comments close on 17th March so you need to be quick if you wish to object. Go to:
    Enter case ref: 2014/0402
    Remind the council that pubs are PROTECTED by local policy – DM5, and their loss will be RESISTED by the council. Simple case of an unjustifiable loss of a valued community pub. The nine flats proposed are not affordable housing and Mr Johal wants to sell or rent them to the private sector. This is, as usual, about developer greed being put before the needs of ordinary Hackney folk. Almost a repeat of The fight aint over kids, on either case!

    The rally from 5pm Sunday is a show of support for the media. Individual objections to the planning app is what really counts, so get yours in today. Thanks.

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  11. I have been going to The Prince Edward Pub for the last 7 years – celebrated a few birthdays food was provided free of costs by management. This I have never experienced else where. This pub is used by many cultures of which management welcomes. It will be a shame if Sandeep is allowed to carry out the proposal. Sandeep also has several pubs and currently runs the very busy office license Just Drinks in Lower Clapton of which they use the West Indian community by giving large consignments of drinks at higher prices. Sandeep and his family are exploiting vulnerable people hence the reasons why they have so many properties/businesses. I will be at the rally 16 @ 5pm
    Hope everyone comes out.

  12. Comments are due on the application before 24-03-2014

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  14. Hi Everyone

    I’m on my way to the Prince Edward Pub “complimentary Curry Thursday” How many of you willing to attend?

    Don’t forget Mothers Day bbq 30th March 2014.

    See ya – use it before you lose it!!!

  15. The citizen have added a piece on last Sunday

    A quick reminder that the objection closing date is this coming Monday

  16. Hi All

    Good news the council has refused the application to demolish Prince Edward Pub. Just Drinks, Johal properties etc were ready for round 2.

    Come on everyone lets get together to keep Prince Edward Open NO LUXURY FLATS.

  17. The problem with the pub is the location; slap bang in the middle of the council estates of Homerton. It’s gone close to no chance of benefiting from the gentrification seen elsewhere, and so it will have to rely on the local community. Ive been in there on the weekend with friends and we’ve been the only people in there. The Eagle, which is three doors down, seems to be much better patronised. If its not commercially viable then it hasnt got a future as a pub, unfortunately, even though I think the building merits saving.

  18. This pub was my local in the sixties and holds lots of fond memories for me. It was managed by John Margaret Birrane during this period.
    There was always a good crowd in there, both bars.
    There was darts, shove h’penny in the public bar and there was always someone singing on the mike in the saloon bar at weekends.
    I guess it is the sign of the times that cause these historic establishments to close down, but it is a crying shame.
    It would be nice to know that the original building could remain and not demolished.
    It was always known to us as ” The Cuthberts”

  19. Here’s an extract.

    25 April 2014
    Dear Sir/Madam
    Application Number: The Prince Edward , 97 Wick Road , London , E9 5AB
    Site Address: 2014/0402
    Development Description: Demolition of existing two-storey building and erection of
    mixed use five-storey development comprising 2no. A3 commercial units and 9no. self
    contained residential units.
    I write with reference to the above mentioned planning application. I wish to advise
    you that the Council, having had regard to the nature of the application, the relevant
    planning policies and all of the comments received from interested parties, has
    decided to refuse planning permission for the following reasons:
    1 The proposed demolition and erection of a new 5-storey building would result in
    the unacceptable loss of an operational public house which performs an important
    role providing a valuable amenity as a social and cultural centre for the local
    community. As such, the proposal would be contrary to policy DM5 (Protection
    and Delivery of Social and Community Facilities) of the draft Hackney
    Development Management Local Plan, policies 3.1 (Ensuring Equal Life Chances
    for All), 3.16 (Protection and Enhancement of Social Infrastructure) and 7.1
    (Building London’s neighbourhoods and communities) of the London Plan 2011.
    2 The proposed development by reason of its design, excessive scale and position
    would result in an incongruous and incompatible form of development which
    would fail to respect the character and appearance of the streetscene. As such
    the proposed development is contrary to Core Strategy Policy 24 (Design) and
    London Plan Policies 7.4 (Local Character) and 7.6 (Architecture).
    If you wish to view the full decision notice for this application and the case oust to let you all know I’ve recieved an email this afternoon from Hackney council saying the planning permission has been declined.

    Great news for the pub and the local community!

  20. Sorry, im not very good with technology. Was trying to say that I recieved the above from Hackney Council by email this afternoon!!

    Great news for the people who use the Prince Edward.

  21. Yeah good news for the West Indian community. Thanks to Emily Webber Lisa Devaney jrw98uk for support. Mr Johal look out!!!!
    What you fail to understand is this is a pub for the community! We don’t want no over priced,unattractive flats built in our community! We will keep fighting you every step of the way!

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