Postcards of the past

I found this site, enjoy!


  1. @alexpink I recently did a photo assignment on St Michaels & All Angels in Northwold Road it is now completely shrouded by the tiny trees in the postcard as is the vicarage; the small island in the road is still there. Clapton Police Station still looks the same as on the postcard.

  2. @traxcitement I know the place. It certainly looks different now. Its hardly visible due to the foliage. Who was the assignment for?

  3. @alexpink the assignment was for the Hackney Society, the Church and Vicarage is locally listed, I did this in April and the leaves had already started to grow so it was difficult to get good photographs.

  4. @traxcitement Shame they don’t cut the trees back. You could always try again come winter time.

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