Pop Up Sunday Brunch and Music- The Sometimes Cafe – May 27th at Zoom Unit

SOMETIMES CAFE Sunday Brunch Session Sunday 27th May 2012with music and prose from The Beguilers@ Zoom Unit, Stoke Newington The Food:Brunch will be sweet and savoury pancake tapas on an epic scale of deliciousness.SWEET:Blackberry sweet potato pancakesCorn Griddle cakes with honeyOrange and Mint PancakesSAVOURY:Slow cooked portobello MushroomsHomemade pesto eggsTabbouleh with pomegranate and black seeds The Sounds: The Beguilers bring together tender mellifluous singing and sensitively crafted song-writing. These elements are woven into the narratives of poems by William Blake Shakespeare Joyce and others bringing their images and metaphors to life with finely wrought harmonies and luscious melodies.  Composed by Fred Thomas (piano guitar) for singer Ellie Rose and Dave Shulman (clarinet) these songs will invite your imagination to be at once moved released and beguiled. £15 per person. Book your place and get location details by emailing Hannah on hannahjmm@gmail.com Tables are available at 11am 12pm 1pm with the last seating at 2pm. After eating you are welcome to hang out on the sofas for as long as you like. Limited seating. Book early and please then turn up! Martin”