Pop-up Residency Opportunity at The Duke of Wellington, Balls Pond Road

Hi, everyone. The Duke of Wellington on Balls Pond Road in Dalston are looking into having pop-up collaborations with chefs and/or food vendors. If you are interested in a food residency in a popular East London pub that already draws an excellent crowd of residents in nearby Dalston De Beauvoir and Islington get in touch with edmason@masonandcompany.co.uk with information on who you are what food you are making or looking to make example menus and so forth. They’re looking for someone or a group of someones who can commit for 2-3 month residency and are looking for something along the lines of the Stephen Fries residency at The Three Compasses for one example. They’re looking at all sorts of food styles not necessarily just burgers & chips. If you have a street food stall you’d like to shape into something bigger for a little while or if you’re a chef or cadre of chefs wanting to make something a little bit more interesting than the usual pub grub or if you’re somewhere in-between get in touch. Personal comment: Have some yummy veggie food please as this pub is walking distance from my house and I’m in there a lot! Ta! “