Pop Up, Music Infused, Sunday Brunch – The Sometimes Cafe – March 4th

Excuse the pitch but thought this might be a place to mention that on March 4th from 11am – 3pm I will be hosting the marvellous chef, Hannah Meszaros-Martin and her SOMETIMES CAFETogether with live music from F-IRE Collective’s \Portrait Bellevue” with  Fumi Okiji (vocals) and  Zac Gvi (piano).  It will be a Sunday Brunch SPECTACULAR! Come and eat then hang on Tad’s psychedelic cushions while Fumi serenades your swollen belly. This is a new adventure. There may be more to come. I now hand you over to Hannah whose menu reads as follows:Brunch Menu:Starter: Baba Ghanouj made Gazan style with fire roasted aubergines and garlic fresh green chilis olive oil tahina crushed coriander seeds and lemon juice. I serve it with warmed honey and olive oil on top. Main Course: Something similar to a frittata. Eggs are mixed with finely chopped potatoes onions beetroot and parsley. Served with soft goat’s cheese on top with sliced avocado. Dessert: Fudgey Oat Squares. This is an original Vermont farm recipe fudge+oat= yummy square.3 courses + Music : £ 15£ 3 Mimosas! Otherwise BYOB as usual.Unlimited coffeeeeeWhere: Belfast Road Stoke Newington N16 (Near Stoke Newington Railway Station and many bus stops)All are welcome. To make a reservation please email:  hannahjmm@gmail.comPlease book by March 2nd. Reservations are available at 11am 12pm 1pm with the last seating at 2pm.Limited seating. Book early and please then turn up!Thanks Martin “