Pond House 162 Lower Clapton Road London E5

Application Registered 10-05-2011 Comments Until 13-06-2011 Application Number: 2011/0696Site Address: Pond House 162 Lower Clapton Road London E5 0QJ Application Type: Full Planning Permission Development Type: Other – miscellaneous Proposal: Refurbishment and conversion of Pond House and Stables to create 5 x self-contained flats, and demolition of garages on Mildenhall Road frontage and construction of 6 x self-contained dwellings, together with associated landscaping, cycle storage, and refuse facilities. Current Status: REGISTERED Applicant: Dellmount Estates Ltd AgentC M A Planning Wards: Leabridge (K) Location Co ordinates: Easting 534988 Northing 185950 Case Officer / Tel: Steve Fraser-Lim 020 8356 6377 Planning Officer: Steve Fraser-Lim Existing Land Use: Dwelling houses (whether or not as a sole or main residence) Proposed Land Use: Dwelling houses (whether or not as a sole or main residence)


  1. Pond House
    Photo by @alexpink

    This is one I’ve been waiting to appear online Pond House is in desperate need of a refurbishment. Annoyingly it’s come without any supporting documentation.
    I have however seen the presentation of the plans and this is what I remember:

    > It’s a grade 2 listed building that has been around since around 1800
    > The house is currently in a bit of a shoddy state
    > There have been applications that have been submitted before but these have been rejected
    > Previous applications have been to turn it into more flats this application is more sensitive to the original features of the building
    > They plan to restore the garden to some degree (although it will only be accesible to the residents
    > They plan on turning the garages on Mildenhall road into houses that will have access to communal gardens
    > No additional parking aside from what removing the garages will create will be provided

    Having just seen the presentation briefly with the waffle that goes with it the flats looked good and pretty high spec (read super expensive). I wasn’t impressed with the houses at all and think they should be rethought rather than try to imitate the other houses on the street this is of course my own personal opinion but again I’d like to look at the docs when they appear.

    Map of Lower Clapton Road
    Map from British Listed Buildings

  2. Looks like the application docs are up

    Pond House

    Pond House

    I can’t open the drawings package though”

  3. Pond house looks very attractive here.

  4. although that drawing is missing the listed wall outside the building – which will remain

  5. The plans seem very good to me. It seems like English Heritage have pushed them in the right direction. They wanted to put 22 apartments on the Mildenhall road part originally, but were pushed towards 6 houses. Also, some people are probably going to complain that the flats in pond house are going to be too expensive and isn’t what the area needs, but to be honest, I think a grand building like that, deserves not to be split up into a multitude of small flats. I hope this all goes ahead, it will make Clapton pond even nicer, not having to look at those hoardings and seeing that lovely front elevation view of a restored Pond House.

    As an aside, I noticed some great English in the application, such as: \Hackney central would of (sic) been known as Hackney village back in it’s (sic) Tudor days”.”

  6. Lots of info here, really interesting. but what about its current tenants? Someone is living there now, no?

  7. The Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group have posted some photos on their site of the development from the inside along with the garden http://claptonpond.org/pond-house-lives-again/2014/03/20/

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