Pogo Cafe need help

This is from Pogo Cafe http://www.pogocafe.co.uk/2011/06/help-save-pogo-get-involved/


Help save Pogo – get involved!

If you’ve been to Pogo lately, you may have realised that we’ve got some problems. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last – this set of problems is pretty serious though – There’s a shortage of volunteers and people willing to take responsibility, coupled with a gaping hole in our finances that is threatening to force us to close.

Over the coming months, we need to make some changes, hopefully for the better – definitely for the long term survival of this very special, world famous café that we all love.

If you’d like to be involved, we could really use some help – be that having an extra meal or drink at Pogo, volunteering, donating resources – material or financial, ideas and support.Ultimately, we believe that we are stewards – Pogo doesn’t belong to us, the collective of unpaid volunteers who run Pogo, changes over time. We desperately want to keep this project alive as a beacon to a way of doing things differently in our local and global community.


  1. Oh no that’s really bad news. Pogo can’t close, it’s a lovely place.

    Thanks for posting, will be over there more regularly and in numbers.

    For the uninitiated, their veggie burgers are incredible – even if you eat meat, and good value. Their other food like morrocan tagines look really good too.

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