Ply wood for flooring

I’m looking for plywood locally, preferably somewhere that can cut to size so it can be varnished up and used for flooring – does anyone have any suggestions.


  1. I haven’t come across anyone local, but DW Wood Machinists in Tottenham/Edmonton would do this for you. They stock Russian birch-faced ply and do cut-to-size.

  2. @karlrees great thanks I’ll give them a go. You don’t happen to have any tips for a great looking plywood floor do you?

  3. Sand to grade 180 then apply some hardwax oil such as Osmo or Fiddes. I usually get my oil from creative-wood-floors dot net.

  4. @karlrees thanks for the tips 🙂
    Next question would be do you happen to know anyone that might be able to do it for me?

  5. I’m usually up for most things. But do you intend on just screwing the ply down? You don’t mind the screws showing? No tongue and grooves to hold everything together…

  6. I have seen some articles talk about gluing it down, it’s chipboard underneath (new build) but I also don’t mind a few screws showing if they are nice brass ones.

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