Plumber/shower expert

Hi, I need some help with our new shower! We recently had a refurb in our bathroom, but our new shower is experiencing very weak pressure and swinging wildly between scalding hot and ice cold water. Which all in all is not pleasant, and is a very disappointing after spending a great deal of money. (If you’re wondering why we don’t contact the guy who built it, he has moved onto other jobs in London and doesn’t want to come by)

Can anyone help, or recommend someone who knows plumbing or shower systems in-depth, and could take a quick look at the problem for us? I am based in Clapton.
Please leave details or DM me.

Thank you!


  1. Hi please get in touch via:

  2. hey, the plumber ive used for the last 2 yrs since moving into my house (and in that time he has done everything from replacing the heating system/new boiler to more regular stuff) is fredy ecua 07842 407435. v nice easy going guy guy, very reliable.

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