Please sign petition against Paddy Power opening betting shop at centre point of Hackney riots!

It seems very contradictory that Hackney council received over five million pounds to help regenerate Hackney after the riots (including Clarence Road as a priority location for support) and to add salt to wounds they are considering an application from Paddy Power for a betting shop in the hot spot of the riots!The link below will take you directly to this petition:


  1. Erm… I’m not a betting person myself, and obviously think the riots were a terrible thing to happen to Hackney… but I’m failing to see the link between Paddy Power and the troubles that we encountered (as did a lot of the rest of the country) last year. Paddy Power is open only to people over the age of 18, where it’s  widely acknowledged that the riots were as a result of social unrest for teenagers, who’ve had local facilities (such as youth clubs and libraries) closed to them. If consenting adults who chose to gamble wish to do so, there is no proof that this will incite more riots… Paddy Power could well be in their rights to seek legal action over this, so I’d tread carefully here. And, for the record, I don’t work for Paddy Power/ any other betting company/ place bets/ start riots. Claire

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