Planning application for Pond House development

Kingsbury Property consultants has circulated a letter notifying of their intention to submit planning permission for Pond House (Lower Clapton Rd) to turn it into 4 high quality apartments. The application will be submitted on 25th Feb.Follow this forum for updates.Pond House proposed development The “artist impression” of what it might look like:Pond house


  1. What it looks like now(ish)

    From Bunch and Duke on Flickr

  2. These could actually be quite nice, for once! I wonder how much they will go for..

  3. Did anyone notice the name of the director? Certainly made me raise an eyebrow 😉

  4. It’s a shame the building can’t be brought into use for the whole community to enjoy, it’d make an amazing exhibition space/music venue/cafe/community garden…

  5. Closing this thread as there is a similar one over here:

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