Places to meet if you’re bringing an armada of buggies

….OK maybe not an armada but a flotilla: eight of us dads of very young babies are planning to get together later this month for a quiet drink (and also to give our other halves a much-needed break for a few hours). We’re looking fof somewhere in Hackney or nearby which has both the physical space and the inclination to accomodate eight dads, buggies and babies. Seeing as none of us have ventured out of the house that often we’re short on ideas. Any help would be gratefully received! Thanks.


  1. Given the seasonal weather I’m guessing you’re looking for inside space- The Royal Inn on Victoria Park has a new(ish) big space out back and is definitely child friendly. The Pembury has a big floorspace but I’m not sure what their baby policies are! The Britannia is another decent-sized space and The Kenton have a smaller room out back but would definitely welcome you all. 8 babies seems unlikely to be the start of a ‘quiet’ drink! “

  2. @20goto10 The Clapton Hart also have a big space and are child friendly.

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