Place to put my VW Camper Van!

Hello yeahhackney I am looking for a nice place to park me and my VW Gorvan for the next few months. Ideally it would be a drive or a garden so I can stay in him from time to time, well most of the time till me and my girl find a place. My girlfriend is in Homerton so somewhere close would be nice. He has cooking and water facilities so it is not essential that I am part of a house. I am open to listen to any offers of places I can be with Gorvan. He is a very good looking boy for his age. I am currently writing a book so I will be spending lots of time in him writing away. Maybe a space as part of a studio or live work units could work. Any quirky places, I would love to consider. Thank you so much. Liam


  1. I’ve got a parking space in a quiet, safe gated square in Hackney Wick. It’s close to Homerton with a lovely canalised garden and cafes nearby for inspiration!  Get in touch and Ill sort you out with the key fob!

  2. I meant to say canal-side!

  3. Could have been worse.

  4. Yes could have been worse ha ha. That happened in Canal Street in Manchester. Woodsy that sounds perfect mate, what’s you number so we can have a chat? I will PM you mine.Sounds very blissfull! Liam

  5. @woodsy1982 just checking you’ve seen this @lbrowne82 just a reminder that this is a public site, you can send each other private messages with sensitive info (like your phone number) as long as you are \friends”. You can request friendship from each other’s profile pages.”

  6. Note taken @ewebber think I got to excited.

  7. @lbrowne82 I would be too, sounds ace 🙂

  8. Hello @Woodsy1982 i just wanted to see if you got my message? I would still be interested in taking you up on that offer. It sounds very idyllic. Hope your well. Liam

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