Pilates in Hackney

I am looking for a pilates for beginners group that I can go to after work 7:30 would be ideal – I was going to yogahome, but I wasn’t over keen on that teacher.I have got 5 sessions here http://tempopilates.com which looks ace, but it was on offer and I’m not sure I can afford their normal prices


  1. It’s Tower Hamlets rather than Hackney, but I go to yoga at Bodywise near Bethnal Green tube. I’ve not tried their pilates classes, but I love the yoga there and it’s a really friendly place.http://bodywisehealth.org

  2. My short post on Tempo Pilates http://www.fuckyeahhackney.com/2010/10/tempo-pilates/ – I know @katybeale has been too

  3. This may well be far too late for you, but I go to Moss Pilates http://www.mosspilates.com/ in the old fruit and wool exchange in Spitalfields – not strictly in Hackney. It’s a reformer class which I love – I get taught by one of their students on a 121 basis, and sometimes in a group, but I know they do introductory offers etc…

  4. Yoga Home is another I have been to and depending on the instructor can be pretty good – nice studio space too

  5. Bought this 10 day pass deal on Groupon the other day for energie fitness next to Hackney Town Hall. Went to their Monday night Pilates class, which was pretty good and Friday night it’s Yoga, taught by Craig. He’s really good and remembers like everyones name 🙂 So, I will keep that up until the deal’s up and then let’s see… do keep posting yoga/pilates offers around Hackney, I can’t afford the £12 per drop-in! Will keep my ears open, too…

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