Pieces at the Rio 21st April

Pieces at the Rio From the Cigarette Burns Press release: On 21st April 2012 come witness a special experiment in disaster – PIECES at the Rio Cinema…  Billed with the tagline “It’s exactly what you think it is” this may be the most flagrant example of false advertising since “The Neverending Story”. Ostensibly a slasher flick PIECES is in fact a huge cheesy slice of WTF – a parade of baffling non-sequiturs that will confuse and amuse you in equal measure. Despite a mind-boggling degree of technical ineptitude and acting that would make Tommy Wiseau cringe PIECES is incredible fun and has charm to spare: this rare 35mm screening is not to be missed for any fan of the weird and the wonderful. What you will witness is truly unbelievable – for a sneak peek of what’s in store check out the exclusive Cigarette Burns trailer below: Click here to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_57Kj4E1Ie4 PIECES is a perfect film for a Cigarette Burns night at the Rio  – experienced with a midnight audience this could be the most fun you’ll have in a cinema all year.Also Psychotronic will be on hand with loads of DVDs and related goodies for your perusal and purchase and we’ll have DJ’s spinning tunes before and after the movie in the Rio bar.A bar stock full of £2.50 Tenafly Viper made with Kraken Rum will remain open throughout the film and after. Tickets are £8.”