Picnic in the Conservatory at Dead Dolls Club

Picnic in the Conservatory at Dead Dolls Club

I had the fortune to visit the new restaurant Picnic in the Conservatory at the Dolls House club last week with @saladefolle.

The Dead Dolls Club is a Hoxton square based venture from Adam Towner and Katy Gray Rosewarne (of Towner and Hoxton and Dead Dolls House). They have recently launched their new upstairs restaurant space through a hole in the upstairs ballroom along with a kitchen/restaurant brought to you by our resident chef Chris Willis who will be serving up small plates of seasonal British produce.

The new space offers up the chance to nibble while you sip your cocktails, rather than go for a full sit down meal and the food is very tasty. From Sour dough and chilli oil to Rare beef fillet & Horseradish. In true Dead Dolls style the area is adorned with wall drawings and a laid back, cool Hackney vibe.

More info, sample menu and details about booking are here: http://www.thedollshouse.org/Dolls_House/conservatory.html


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