piano practice rooms?

Hello,I’ve been searching high and low for piano practice rooms, preferably in Hackney/NE London. I don’t need a recording studio– am just looking for a practice room that I can go to occasionally to brush up on my very rusty piano skills. I figure in a city with so many talented people living in itty bitty flats, there must be such a thing, but I haven’t had much luck in finding something suitable… Any ideas?Thanks,Johanna


  1. I’ve got the same question on the go. Till I can afford to get one moved to my new flat (if all my flat mates agree!)The Premisis seems pretty close. But did you find anywhere good?

  2. @anitajean I wonder if there are any pianos in any of the rooms at the Round Chapel on Lower Clapton Road. The have a bunch of meeting rooms and something makes me think I might have seen one there. http://www.theroundchapel.org.uk

  3. Thanks! I’ve just heard back from somewhere thats going to be lovely and give me some time for cheaper than chips. nae bad.

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