Photomonth Exhibition at Venetia’s Coffee Shop 4/10-30/11

Hi all, Venetia’s coffee shop in Chatsworth Road will be showing an exhibition of my photos called Eastern Promises from tomorrow (Tuesday 4th Oct) to the end of November as part of East End Photomonth. The photos are my impressions of the East End, particularly around where I live (E5) and where I work, near Whitechapel/Brick Lane. All welcome. There’s no preview but there will be a closing party, RSVP if you’d like an invite. Nick


  1. Would be fab to get an invite to your closing party.Cheers!

  2. Sure thing notfelix, give me your name and I’ll put it on the list.

  3. hi there,it would be great if you post a link of the place where the exchibition is …it will make it so much easier for people that want to visit the exchibition. i leave and work in the same areas as you and i love photography as well so it will be interesting to see the different prospects in view of the same things. ll go and visit soon.Good luck with the exchibitionTake care

  4. @maromar Venetia’s coffee shop is on Chatsworth Road

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