Personal Training in Hackney

I’m sure you all made new years resolutions which will no doubt include some fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. How are those health and fitness resolutions going? Have you managed to keep them up? I hope you have been keeping healthy and maintaining your fitness levels, but if you are in need of a little nudge or motivation to get going again I thought I let you know about the special offers I am doing at the moment for new clients- check them out on my website Hackney has great outdoor spaces to use  for training so ditch the gym and join me in the fields marshes parks and canals of Hackney. Its fun and it’ll will get you fit! “

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  1. yes, all that, and lucky me always has amazing weather every time we train on the park. Which means I’m left with NO excuses for not doing in the first place. Although I’m secretly (not any more) planning to make a little detour on our next run via a local coffee shop for a nice slice of cake…

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