Permanent Breakfast Dalston

Hi, I wanted to invite people to a free breakfast in the open space. I was thinking of doing it in Gilet Square, anyone interested in attending?For those who haven’t heard, please check out: It’s a chance to meet your neighbors…! “Dinner parties are mere formalities; but you invite a man to breakfast because you want to see him. (Thomas Babington Macaulay)”


  1. Hi @bezdomny it sounds interesting, have you done one before?

  2. No experience necessary: The main ideaOne person invites to breakfast in a public space -the invited persons (usually 4) commit themselves to organize another public breakfast with different persons in a different place as soon as possible, and so on and so forth.Following the snowball principle, there would be 1.6 mio. people publicly breakfasting no later than on the tenth day.

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