]performance w a l k s [ Every Sunday 3 – 5pm

Workshop/ Activity Every Sunday 3 – 5pm\Foxes have holes birds of the air have nests but man had no place to lay his head”“Our nature lies in movement; complete calm is death” Pascal Pensees.Located in an area of development and change between the industrial and natural walkways of canal and motorway systems this workshop uses the action of walking as a group to explore the local surroundings. The focus and starting point of the workshop is human desire for movement and change how walking is beneficial to our mental and physical health and how it can be used as a tool for generating artistic output.Walking together we will use our individual physical and mental observations and responses to explore the local environment to produce simple actions.The workshop will use actions of walking drawing and recording sound and text – no artistic experience is necissary just a desire to walk.Contact info@performancespace.org