Percy Ingle’s History

Percy Ingle’s History

(photo from London Shop Fronts)

I was looking at this Percy Ingle Bakery on Chatsworth Road and wondering where the first one was as I knew it was somewhere in east London. It turns out that it was in Clarence Road, although I haven’t found much more about it aside from what Percy Ingle have on their website. I’ll carry on digging around.


A tradition of baking

Like his father and grandfather Percy started his working life in the family bakers in Hackney, East London along with his three brothers. The family worked endlessly to provide quality bread and cakes to the people of the East end. Having married his wife Lillian and already the proud father of son Derek in 1954 Percy decided the time was right to open his own business, starting with his first shop on Clarence Road, Hackney.


  1. Me and my mates spent many mornings bunking off classes by nursing a cup of tea and a cheese slice in percy ingles in East Ham. Its an east end institution.

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  4. Percy Ingle are keen to hear what we want to know, does anyone have any questions for them?

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  6. @lincsgent do you have any Percy Ingle memories or history to share?

    • I’m afraid I can’t throw any light on Percy Ingle’s history for you, and don’t have anything of interest that I can tell you about the Chatsworth Rd shop, other than it was a delivery point on my postmans’ round for several years. The Persy Ingle’s shop that I remember in Clarence Rd, used to be at the Downs Road end of it and not the Narroway end.

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  8. It looks like the shop was possibly number 9 and was formally F.L.Harper

    Here is a photo of it (double fronted shop on the right) from 1968


    Photo by Peter Kurton

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  13. If you put your question’s here, I’ll make sure that the Percy Ingle people get them.

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  17. There used to be a branch of Percy Ingles, until a few years ago, on the corner of Victoria Park Road and Lauriston Road, now occupied by ‘Loafing’. I used to go in for the occasional slab of bread pudding, and in the 1980s my daughter Kate won first prize (a giant soft-toy bear) in one of their raffles. Got a photo somewhere, if I can find it, I’ll post it.

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