Pembury Corner Junction – reconfiguration

I noticed on Cllr Vincent Stop’s ‘Cycle And Walk Hackney’ blog that there have been feasibility plans drawn up for a much-needed reconfiguration of Pembury Corner junction;The Pembury Circus Junction is the worst of the junctions on the roads Hackney controls though as part of the Strategic Road Network TfL will have to be persuaded to make changes. There is some hope that monies secured from the adjacent car-free development could fund radical change. Pembury Corner junction Has anybody heard any more about this?”


  1. wow, although i don’t quite understand the green circles. what do they signify. bit lazy to go find more explanation on this plan. it’s my corner anyway and, yes, i hate crossing it. with the addition of buses making that narrow turn directly in front of pembury tavern, it has become even  more scary. while i hate to mention it, i think making dalston lane up to the narrow way a one-way street would solve some traffic problems – such a narrow road for the number of buses we have in this area. what i don’t want is for the safety of the several traffic islands to be gone. now i walk with a cane, i welcome the little rest spots. i’ve already mentioned that the one which faces the tavern now feels like a bus-target anyway.

  2. @janice The green circles denote the canopies of the existing mature trees. It truly is a hellish junction for drivers as well as pedestrians and cyclists. I hear what you’re saying about the traffic islands but because the pavements have been extended out into the road, pedestrian crossing distances are much shorter (especially from the Pembury Tavern towards Hackney Downs station).I note that there would no longer be a pedestrian crossing over Amhurst Rd from the Delta security shop, but that seems a small price to pay for the general improvements. The pavement extensions would slow traffic down and give more space to pedestrians. Personally, I hope this gets done asap.

  3. Interesting stuff. I walk across the junction pretty much every day I go into work at The Five Points, and yes, it can be a bit nerve-wrecking to figure out where the traffic is coming from as a pedestrian. I wish there were more pedestrian crossings along Amhurst Road between Hackney Central and the Junction. The one outside of Hackney Central makes sense, but I wish that there was another one closer to the Junction, where cars (but not buses) are currently stopping anyway. A pelican crossing would make sense there.

  4. I like to cross at the narrower part where Star Dry Cleaner is. That’s where you mean, right @quitepeculiar ? It’s a lot less scary there and has that traffic island that I find so useful. This is the best place to cross so I agree, something there that’s  a bit more formal would be nice. Meanwhile, you’ll almost always find me crossing right there.

  5. I’m thinking that’s the one I mean, @Janice, but I can’t picture the shops there, to be honest. But yeah, the little traffic island that’s there is handy, but it would be nicer if I didn’t have to worry about buses or taxis when crossing, or cross-traffic.

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  7. Tweet from Cllr Vincent Stops;\….106 funding to improve Pembury junction for all…”But when?”

  8. Just got an email from Cllr Stops;\I am afraid I don’t have an idea of a timescale. I guess the council will be looking to evaluate the Narroway changes first.If you support the improvement of the junction you should write and say so to your local Cllrs.””

  9. I drive through that junction quite a lot, and although it is unusual – there isn’t really a roundabout – it is all traffic light controlled, I haven’t had any problems driving -wise. I have also crossed it with no problems – but that said – it could do  with improving.

  10. @marty21 It is a dangerous junction. I’ve personally witnessed a number of accidents here. I’ve found this site which shows all road accidents since 2005; postcode for the junction is E8 1JH but you’ll have to zoom in for the accidents tags to appear.”

  11. Surprised at that – but as I said, I’ve never had any problems as a pedestrian or  driver –

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