Pembury Circus – Peabody

As a proponent of housing developments and high-rise, I hope I’m not shooting myself in the foot by drawing attention to – and inviting comment on – the Peabody proposal for Pembury junction;


  1. I think planning permissions have already been obtained for all this but….Some of you may have noticed the new hoardings that have gone up around the Pembury Circus site for the extension to Peabody’s Pembury estate. Here’s the latest CGI from FBM Architects;

    And for those interested here’s an old photo of the junction back in the ’60s;

  2. @benjamin just wondered if you’d heard anything new on this – i.e. whether that was the final architect’s drawing and when it’s due to be completed? Looking at the drawing it looks like it’s going to be a pretty ugly building but sometimes these renders can be a bi deceptive.

  3. hi @jimmytcase – there has been a recent application (2012/3767) submitted for minor modifications. Theses elevations should give a pretty good idea; really my taste either, but at least a good number of homes. I’ve noticed groundworks start recently so I imagine we’ll start to see concrete rising from the ground in the new year – but I’ve no idea of a finishing date I’m afraid.

  4. @benjamin thanks for this. Yes the groundworks look well under way, fingers crossed it’s a positive addition to the area.

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