Pelvic floor strengthening

New course (for women-only) starting immediately after Easter – Sundays 1 pm – 2 pm – commencing 7 April and ending 19 May (no class on 12 May)Join the FooFoo FunClub  to release tension throughout your body, move freely, rediscover and strengthen your core and pelvic floor.In this 6 week course, you will learn extremely effective exercises that simply combine breathing with movement to work your core and pelvic floor in a fun, safe and functional way.Yes – you’re just 6 weeks away from a stronger back, a better-looking belly and of course a stronger and better-functioning pelvic floor (just like it used to be!)No crunches, no kegels.  More laughs, less leaks.This class is for you if you are

  • Expecting a baby – if you are having a normal, not-at-risk pregnancy, with no symphysis pubis dysfunction or pelvic pain and want to start a simple, regular routine to support your pelvic floor and core as your baby grows.
  • Recently had your baby – you can start this pelvic floor work as soon as you are strong enough to move and have been given the ok to exercise – which could be as soon as you’ve had your six week post-natal check.  If you’ve had a C-section, you should wait until your wound has thoroughly healed and you feel no discomfort or pain when sitting and standing upright.
  • Not-so-recently post-natal – even if your “baby” is now a teenager! – it’s never too late to get a better functioning pelvic floor and core. As we age, sometimes the weakness created in the pelvis by a pregnancy many years ago can become evident, so NOW is always a good time to start.
  • Recovering from a hysterectomy or another gynaecological operation and been told to exercise your pelvic floor.
  • Approaching or in the midst of menopause – as changes in hormonal balance affect the pelvic floor muscles, exercise can help you maintain your pelvic floor function

Please note: places are limited and all participants will have a 1-1 consultation (either in person or over the telephone) in advance of the course start date.  Please therefore register your interest at least 3 days before the start date. PriceSPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE – £20 off – now just £75 includes

  • Pre-course consultation (either in person or via telephone)
  • All 6 x 1 hour classes
  • Weekly check-ins, reminders and support
  • Educational booklet and DVD of the 3 “homework” exercises
  • Your own FooFoo ball, band and clip (worth £35) so you can do your “homework” – just 10 minutes a day
  • Optimum nutrition plan, recipes and activity guide
  • Online newsletter and lifetime membership of the private FooFoo Funbox Facebook community – a totally private group where you can access useful information and share your concerns and successes with other women and medical and health specialists


  1. Hi there where are your classes located?Thx angie

  2. @damaris did you see this question?

  3. Thanks Emily!  Hi Angie, these classes are held at Holistic Health in Broadway Market.  Feel free to call me on 0789 483 6439 or email me at if you would like me to send you the introductory booklet and pre-course questionnaire.

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