Pedestrian footbridge connecting Hackney Downs Station & Hackney Central Station

I know that @gavinredknap mentioned this proposal some time ago on a different thread (which I can’t locate now), but the planning application has now gone in;2012/3099\Erection of a pedestrian footbridge connecting between Platform 1 of Hackney Downs Station and Platform 1 of Hackney Central Station including external stairs and lift to the south side of the railway and land to the west of Platform 1 of Hackney Central Station construction of a ramp to the west end of Platform 1 of Hackney Central Station erection of fencing and associated hard and soft landscaping. Opening hours of 0530 to 0000 on anyday.” LINK


  1. This is great news – it will do wonders for the local economy and pay for itself in multiples. I’m now hoping they restart the work on the old Central station that appeared to have been put on ice the past few months.

  2. There is a new application in for this: Application Number: 2013/3334Current Status: REGISTEREDProposal: Erection of a part low level and part high level passenger interchange walkway between the northern platform at Hackney Central station (platform 2) and the eastern platform at Hackney Downs station (platform 1). The proposals include a staircase and lift tower between the higher and lower levels, a cantilevered bridge element spaning Spurtstowe Road, and associated lighting.Site address: London Overground, land at and between Hackney Central Railway Station Amhurst Road London London E8 1LL and Hackney Downs Station, Dalston Lane, London E8 1LA.Applicant: Mr James DowleComments until: 18-10-2013Date registered: 30-10-2013Proposed land use: Estate Agent/Betting Office/Professional services other than medicalCase officer: Jillian Holford 020 8356 8442

  3. Only difference I can see (without seeing the drawings, which arent up yet) is that the bridge on the Hackney Central section is the north (east bound) rather than previously being the south. Presumably it’ll be slightly cheaper. It’s also better news for those going north to east and vice versa than those going south to west (which is already well served out of central London of course).

  4. hmmm… this caught my eye – Proposed land use:- Estate Agent/Betting Office Cos we don’t have enough of those? 😉 So what’s the current work all about? There are no notices to say why the work (and horrible accompanying noise) is going on. Who knows?

  5. Sorry @janice but I’ve no idea what that “Estate Agent/Betting Office” stuff is about – I can’t see any new commercial space proposed here.The drawings are now online and as ever the Design & Access Statement is a good place to start.Also I doubt any current noise is to do with this project as work is not due to start for some time (and not completed ’til March 2015). You can see their schedule here.”

  6. as residents of marcon court adjacent to this project i can only say that we were not consulted upon this. This is taking our land, our playground and our car park spaces. We will oppose this for as long as we are ignored.

  7. @nikaki Is the loss of playground and car park spaces permanent or is it just during construction?I can see from the plan below that it runs through a playground but since the passageway is elevated could the playground function beneath it when completed?proposed elevated passagewayI note that the Dalstonist has reported that;”An earlier proposal had to be abandoned because it would interfere with Network Rail signalling equipment. The latest plan avoids this problem by building the interchange on the northern side of the track” as @gavinredknap pointed out earlier.There’s also a link to this informative London Reconnections forum on the subject.”

  8. @benjamin the plan you pointed me to mentioned land usage (re betting shops, estate agents) So is the present construction and dizzying noise (I have tinnitus/hyperacusis and walking under the bridge is absolutely awful for me) *not* part of these plans? Whatever are they doing there then?

  9. I can see the problem here, its because the description posted by @ewebber includes \Proposed land use: Estate Agent/Betting Office/Professional services other than medical” at the bottom there. This is simply because those very diverse things have been lumped together so something proposed by TFL gets lumped in with betting offices and estate agents. It’s nothing to do with those.”

  10. @janiceI’m not 100% sure, but I think the current works to Hackney Downs station bridge are just sandblasting and repainting of the bridge. The next time I’m passing on foot I’ll try to ask someone how long ’til completion.

  11. inside the station before you go up, there are works in progress that are shielded. i wonder if they’re doing lifts since they have cut out two holes (i peered through a gap)…although there are no signs of anything at platform level. curious. was going to ask but couldn’t find an attendant

  12. @janiceSounds quite likely. I think TfL (who are taking over) may be obliged to upgrade stations where possible to comply with the disability discrimination act.I noted in Wednesday’s Evening Standard they gave it a mention;One to watch: Hackney Downs Part of the deal involves upgrading 23 stations one of which is Hackney Downs. While forlorn now compared with nearby Hackney Central a shiny new Overground station surrounded by trendy bars and cafés Hackney Downs is likely to be transformed.” also note they lifted the mistake about Hackney Central straight from the Economist).”

  13. lifts will be ideal if kept clean. the stairs can be treacherous when wet. now i need help with stairs, lifts are great but if used as a toilet, i’d rather bear the pain! 🙂

  14. Here’s hoping people can behave in a civilised manner and TfL can employ cleaners.

  15. Certainly will be interesting to see how TFL operates alongside the regional operators. At the moment all services it seems are subservient to the Stanstead Express. Hopefully TFL can demand a greater share of track time, especially on the Chingford route. The re-opening of Lea Bridge station is also surely going to divert more traffic toward Stratford from outside of London. There was for a time a Stratford – Stanstead service. I’d imagine that’ll be reinstated to take pressure off the Chingford line and increase frequencies.

  16. @gavinredknapWould this from the BBC today have any effect on services in Hackney?”

  17. Nope, that’s all on the East Anglia route that joins up with the routes through Hackney at Bethnal Green. There are two routes going through Hackney at the mo – the rectory road spur and the Clapton one. Currently all through traffic goes through Clapton but they could easily (i reckon) divert some through Rectory Road. The new Overground, the side route through Lea Bridge to Stratford and eventually Crossrail 2 will change it all entirely. Eventually.

  18. @gavinredknap @janice

    The new Hackney Central / Downs Interchange. Model available to see at the Hackney Service Centre

    — Ben Hayhurst (@BenHayhurst) November 27 2013

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