Party Venue Needed!

I’m looking for a good party venue in September in Hackney (or Clapton. or Dalston. or Stokey. but none of these are relevant here). It’s for a double birthday party on a Saturday night, and me and my friend are looking for somewhere that will stay open til 2 at least, serve us all drinks and let us generally have fun. And I can’t find anywhere!!Anyone have any suggestions!?


  1. @clairejb Are you looking to hire somewhere? If so, there was a similar request a few months ago and the suggestions can be seen here;

  2. Hi @benjamin

    Thanks for this. Had a feeling this might not be the first time someone’s made that request! Very useful.

    Cheers, Claire

  3. Me too! But for joint birthday in August…

    Checked out all those places and none are right / available / etc…

    Any other suggestions from anyone??

  4. This may be something we’re interested in doing in the not too distant future.

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