Party in a Polytunnel! Saturday 19th March

8pm till midnight, £2 entryFARM:shop, 20 Dalston Lane, E8 3AZNever been to a party in a polytunnel before? Or had a boogie in a room of fresh food and fish tanks? Come and join us for some farm-based funtimes.FARM:shop will be opening its doors and announcing its arrival on the scene with a wonderful night of acoustic music, DJs, urban food-growing installations and local booze.The Magic LanternBardHolly HoldenWhiskey MoonfaceWho is Jack Teller?DJ Will Ward


  1. sounds fun

  2. yay! Who’s going?

  3. I’ll def be there, would love to have a yeah!Hackney gang join me!

  4. Hi peeps, don’t forget this saturday’s party for the grand opening of the FARM:shop; it’s local, cheap, and you can finally see from inside what it’s all about!

  5. It seems there have been 2 different times announced for the party: 7.30 and 8pm! And I’ve just heard we are anticipating a big crowd… but are limited on the amount of people we can have in the building at any one time. So my advice to you is: turn up early, or you’ll find yourself at the back of the queue… Better still, cling on to a FARM:shop volunteer so you can go in with them!

  6. @saladefolle I’ll be hunting you down

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