Part-time book-keeper needed

Hi People,

Anyone out there looking for a part-time job either working from home or in our office flexi-time. If you have experience and are interested give me a call



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  1. Dear Niall,

    I hope you are doing very well.

    I am referred to your ad by my Social Networking carer that you are in need of a Bookkeeper. Well, your prayers are answered. I humbly submit my services at your disposal to take off any of the potentially dull work of Bookkeeping, Accounting, Taxation or other kind of work from your shoulders. In other words, I will be very happy to work for you.

    My name is Hamid Cheema. I am an ACCA finalist [ which means only last two professional exams left for me to take ] as well as that I have completed MBA in International Financial Management [ UK ]. I have also done Masters in Professional Accounting degree from Australia. I have great experience of work in Accounting, Finance, Business Analysis and Administration, Taxation etc.

    Recently I have set up my own Accountancy firm and currently we are in a process of forging a partnership with a very successful Accountancy firm in Australia. These days one can work on global level.

    Anyway all of the above is just to introduce myself a bit to you. It will be very nice to have a little chat with you to understand your needs and how can I be of any assistance to you. You may like to respond to my email which is or call me on my phone 07429693183 at any time you wish.

    I look forward to seeing your kind response.

    Yours sincerely,

    Hamid Cheema.

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