Parkrun Hackney Marshes

Some of you might be interested in a local weekly running event that takes place on Hackney Marshes every saturday morning at 9am; it’s called ‘parkrun’. The run is 5km (3.1 miles) and it is timed by volunteers. It is free to enter, very friendly and low key and open to all abilities, even if you cannot run all the way and have to walk some it is okay. I have taken part and can recommend them especially if you are a local runner or just want to get fit. Here is the link for more info… took some photos at a previous parkrun, they are here on my club’s


  1. Parkrun Hackney Marshes celebrates its 1st birthday anniversary this Saturday at 9am free entry 5Km run around the marshes. Last week they had their biggest turnout of 75 runners, it’s pretty informal and friendly, you can run with your dog, push the baby in a stroller, walk/jog etc. More details here Hackney Marshes Parkrun

  2. Hackney Marshes parkrun have now changed their starting point and route. The meeting/starting point is now at the new Hackney Marshes Centre on the South Marsh accessed from Homerton Road and the route is now an out and back route around the perimeter and beside the River Lea; the East Marsh is no longer part of the course. Start time every saturday morning 9am distance 5Km (3.1 miles) free entry, just register on the website and turn up!”

  3. Thanks for highlighting our parkrun event, traxcitement. A reminder to all that we are still at Hackney Marshes, every Saturday, at 9am.  Meet at the Hub (Hackney Marshes Centre) next to the car park, on Homerton Road, with your barcode.

  4. @rrpersonaltraining I prefer the new (faster) route and the facilities at the Hackney Marshes Centre make it an excellent parkrun.

  5. It’s really tough getting up for 9am on Saturday morning, but always worth it!

  6. Parkrun Hackney Marshes is cancelled during June due the Radio 1 Big weekend event. It returns on 7th July.

  7. An extra Hackney Marshes Parkrun will take place on New Years Day at 10.00am.The 5K run is free and will start at the Hackney Marshes Centre, it will be  signed as usual, with the normal team of volunteers. Note that the main building will not be open.More details here…

  8. Record turnout of 148 runners at Hackney Marshes Parkrun last Saturday including around 50 first timers!

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