red velvet pancakes I was sent this recipe earlier for red velvet (vegan) pancake and as shrove Tuesday is on the way I thought I’d share Anyone else got any great tips for next week?


  1. great, you can join me in the kitchen! I, of course, will be making crepes…

  2. Lemon and sugar remains up there at the top ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. YUM! Chocolate anything is good. I also like fruit and cream on pancakes.

  4. it’s def on the list; last year I had disappointed looks when the second pot of nutella was finished, so I’ll be stocking up on that too โ€“ can’t wait!

  5. @alexpink: bring your favourite fruits and impress us!

  6. and sorry I won’t be making any recommendations on this forum, I don’t want to raise my guests’ expectations too much; in the end, it’s always fun and chaotic, and there’s always too much batter left so I end up eating pancales for another 3 days…

  7. The best thing about left over pancake batter is that it makes yorkshire pudding – yum

  8. @saladefolle I’ll raid Palm 2 on the way. Do we need to bring anything else?I found this rather bizarre pancake recipe;Texas Hotcakes with Lonesome Red(This recipe yields 2 servings) * 2 eggs * 1 tablespoon sugar * 2 cups flour * 2 cups milk * 2 tablespoon butter – melted * Ligonberries * 1/2 cup Beer * 1/2 cup Lonesome Red Bloody Mary Mix Beat eggs and sugar. Sift flour and add to mixture. Add milk and mix well. Last, add melted butter, beer and Lonesome Red Bloody Mary Mix.Sprinkle batter very thin on a hot greased skillet, turn with spatula. This is a nice crisp, spicy pancake. The beer makes them tender.

  9. @ewebber โ€“ never thought about yorkshire pudding, great idea. So I guess I need to organise a big roast dinner shortly after pancake night?@alexpink: I ain’t making no bizarre pancakes, no siree, but feel free to do a Blumenthal in my kitchen! Don’t worry too much about what to bring, it’s whatever you fancy really. I’ll be doing a big shop myself, so if you spot a girl with a very full basket in Palm2, that’ll be me!

  10. @ewebber, come to think about it, you can make Yorshire puds with pancake batter, but prob not with crepe batter as it has no raising agent (apart from a little beer). Yorkshire crepes?

  11. @saladefolle Sounds like fear talking to me:) Only kidding. Its actually a breakfast pancake! Crazy. Looking forward to it. @ewebber Good idea with the Yorkshire pud. I want one for tea now.

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