Palm2 – 152-156 Lower Clapton Rd

Palm2 have an application for a new shopfront. I can’t access the drawings at the moment but the application no. is 2011/1810.


  1. It’s described as \Alterations to existing shopfront” but if one looks at the proposed plan it’s more of a bizarre mini extention out on to the pavement which relegates the building’s doorway to a dark niche.
    The plan also indicates a partitioning of the shop so maybe they’ve decided to commit to the deli/cafe idea?”

  2. Apparently so. It basically seems to be giving the shop front more visable and unified frontage on the side where most people pass by.

  3. @nick It also spoils the facetted quality of the building and creates a de facto late-night urinal spot in the secluded doorway. I think it’s a crappy proposal.

  4. Interesting point – not one I’d considered. You have till 29th Sep to get that in as a comment, here.”

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