Pacific Social Club – Clarence Rd

i’m yet to go in but I’ve just noticed a new one right at the bottom of Clarence Rd (near the top of the Narrow way). Looks interesting.


  1. All I can find online is this;
    \We are a new coffee shop/social club/analogue recording library/drop-out centre/mixtape factory in Lower Clapton London Town. Nice coffee ice coffee ice tea self help books exotic sandwiches coconuts Nigerian soft drinks cake cake no booze but flasks subtly ignored lovely staff healthy breakfast unhealthy chat 7.30-7 Monday to Friday 10-6 Weekends”
    8 Clarence Rd E5

  2. Thanks for the heads up, continually amazed at the luxury we have round here in terms of good coffee we have around here. I’ll no doubt check them out soon, but if anyone pops in would be good to know what coffee they’re using. There’s a mazzer grinder in shot which is a good sign

  3. Just popped in for a nosey – looks great and the owners were very friendly, serving a tasty sounding menu including chocolate beetroot cake, Climpson’s coffee.. definitely worth a visit I’d say

  4. Yeah, I walked past this pm – nice looking place, and friendly looking people…

  5. Wow, very exciting. The street needs a bit of new blood – Pogo has been going for ages, proving you can make it work on what isn’t exactly the most fashionable or picturesque street in the borough.

  6. Just joined this group and the first thing that happens is this interesting place opens right in my patch. I went in today for a good cup of strong white (fancy name un-necessary). Very friendly. Pleasant decor. I baggsed the window seat from where you can watch life down the narrowway. Old 45 singles covers act as wallpaper. Who remembers those?

  7. i must try it out. chocolate beetroot cake sounds lovely. I could put the diet off AGAIN! is there wifi? one thing i am going to push for, though, from SOMONE – one night, even ONE where a coffee shop opens late at night around these parts. i was reduced to going to wetherspoons last week when a friend visited me at 6pm. oh the agony!

  8. it closes at 7. we arrived at 20 to 7 to find them closing up already. they’re not even open late on theatre nights, which seems a real pity. and another pity – they (and the empire cafe) don’t serve a local (or even good) coffee. for shame!

  9. @janice I’m with you on the late coffee thing. There are a few open late, like Railroad. More here:

  10. I’ve popped in here a couple of times, lovely place and atmosphere, very quirky and individual. I agree with others on here – I wish there were more places open later in the area. Not just coffee shops, but perhaps the odd restaurant or two as well.

  11. I just popped in lovely coffee, and they will have wifi in the next couple of days

  12. … and the cake looks delicious


  13. I also had a quick test coffee and cake: my Americano was very nice and the banana and pecan cake was yummy.

    (However, I still think Venetia’s on Chatsworth Road is better)

  14. We popped in too and they do a great latte

  15. On my way there now! Yay.

  16. i went and found @lucypearceox there too! lol. i’ll post a photo shortly. i loved the atmosphere and the people in there – that was the best thing about it. there was a pineapple and something or other cake that looked yummy but i resisted. they made us some vietnamese salad rolls that were really good – i’m a bit of an expert on these so trust me on that. lucy had a sandwich so maybe she will comment. the coffee was nice but a bit cooler than i like and a bit smaller. the wifi is not set up yet. anyway, i will definitely go back when the wifi is there since i like to get a bit of work done while i’m having a coffee!

  17. Pacific Social Club

  18. Hackney Citizen’s write up on the Pacific Social Club

  19. Cant say enough good things about this place – good coffee, great food, nice atmosphere. If only it want 25 mins walk!

  20. probably for the best or otherwise id live in there.

  21. @andrewdfda where are you based?

  22. @goodlegs Upper Clapton

  23. This place is awesome, popped in for a coffee yesterday, good tunes and food, friendly staff.

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