Owners of houseboats on the River Lee wanted to take part in photography project

HiI am a young freelance photographer living in Clapton. I generally take portraiture or documentary photography and am interested in social issues, especially relating to the local area.I’ve lived in Clapton since June and have come to see what a community Hackney provides. I’m really interested in carrying out some personal work about the goings on in the area. I live just opposite Millfields park which is right next to the river and just down the road from the Olympic Park. I know about some of the issues the Olympics are creating for boaters and feel very strongly that the boating community should be supported. The boaters create such a safe and positive atmosphere around the canal and are just one of the many communities that make up the area.I had an idea to carry out a project about the residents of the canal. I was hoping to take some portraits/ documentary shots of some of the residents on the canal and possibly take some quotes on how they feel about boating life, or the issues regarding the Olympics and moorings. I was hoping to use this project to try to create some sort of publicity around the issues.  I would try to make the photography as quick as possible. No posing necessary I am happy to just capture everyday life. Working freelance also means I am very flexible with time etc.Please let the know if you are interested in taking part. You can see examples of my work at http://www.emmadaviesphotography.co.uk and find my contact details there.Thank you for your timeEmma Davies”

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