APRIL 4 – 28 HACKNEY DOWNS STUDIOS Amhurst Terrace E8 2BT Londonopening Thursday April 04 7 pm | Everyone Invited! Orientophobia is a very large scale drawing-based installation bringing together a whole body of work made by Nazir Tanbouli in the period between July 2012 and January 2013. The large ink on paper drawings were conceived not as artworks but as separate exercises each one “replies” to the other. They are brought together as one artwork by this installation which is more than the sum of its parts. What is Orientophobia? The word means “fear of the East”. Egyptian-born Tanbouli notes that “on the one hand I suppose am an “Eastern person” but on the other that is not important.” It is Tanbouli’s method and approach to drawing that moves beyond the “Western” art tradition of overly conscious harmonies that essentially are designed to fit together. London saw the results of Nazir’s drawings in 2012 when the artist took over a derelict Hackney council estate covering it with hand drawn murals some paper paste-ups and some permanent. Featured on the BBC and in many magazines and websites “The King’s Land” project captured the public imagination with the spectacular metamorphosis of the site and the artists’ singular vision.Orientophobia is equally transformative a dramatic explosion of ink black and white marks on massive sheets of paper consuming the gallery with vibrating points of energy. orientophobia - work @studio75london