Organite and environment cleansing

I am starting to produce organite which is a mixture of metal filings, quartz crystal and resin to harden the mix. They can be any size from small muffin tray size to something beautiful that can  sit on your kitchen table. They act by absorbing negative orgon energy and somehow (i’m no scientist) creative postive organ energy and literally balance things. Great for health and healing. They have been known to reduce the effects of mobile phone masts and all the electrical things we have around us plus increase the size and quality of your garden vegtables! I’m starting by producing ones for our home and also like the idea of placing small ones hidden in bushes near to phone masts. I’d love to share experiences and share how my project is going. Also looking for help with raw materials like metal filings – I you know anyone who works with metal in a workshop, they are bound to want to get rid of their filings. I need clear catalyst resin and need a supplier locally. A studio space would be nice as well 🙂 Anyway, here is the link about Orgonite if you want to know more. Carl “