Organic and Natural cafe

I popped into Organic and Natural on Lower Clapton Road with @saladefolle yesterday to pick up some coffee and lunch, the food was lovely, perfect for the hot weather and nicely priced. Their garden is also looking great and has free wifi.
I believe all their food is veggie with lots of vegan options.

Organic and Natural

Their current meal deal:

Organic and Natural prices


  1. Adrian just took some organic Blueberry Muffins and a Savoury Layered Tarte over. Lots of people seem to be around for the bank holiday so not sure how long they will last.

  2. @veganpeasant did you make the mango cake that I had yesterday?

  3. No, but I’ll have to ask who that it – sounds great!
    For the next week or so we’ll be working on perfecting an uncheese cheese cake, fruit tartes and vegan and gluten free chocolate cookies.

  4. @ewebber – yes, it was all lovely, and I went back later to get some more for dinner in my neighbour’s garden :). I need to say to everyone, the bread they sell is amazing; admittedly it’s more expensive than a loaf of industrial fluffy white ‘bread’, but at least you’re paying for bread, not air – proper bread!

  5. going to have to try this for sure. i’m not a veggie but i pretend to be one on some days during the week. i love salads so, as long they aren’t heavy on the bell pepper action, i’ll enjoy those.
    mango cake, you say? sounds like a trip to you too @veganpeasant

  6. @janice they let you choose which ones you want – so you can avoid the peppers!

  7. If your thinking about what to have for lunch… Today at Organic & Natural we have a Leek & Mushroom Vegetable Quiche Cheese (Uncheese) & Dill Savory Scones Veg Pasties & Blueberry Cupcakes”

  8. If your thinking about what to have for lunch…”
    Today at Organic & Natural we have a Leek & Mushroom Vegetable Quiche, Cheese (Uncheese) & Dill Savory Scones, Veg Pasties & Blueberry Cupcakes

  9. I got some vegan mango cheesecake from O&N on the way home from Homerton Hospital today to cheer me up and it was AMAZING bravo <3 <3 <3

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