Orange bags for recycling in high-rises

This just popped up on the Greener Hackney Facebook page:

Residents living on estates and high-rise properties have now been issued with a re-useable recycling bag to assist them with recycling from their flat. Download our flyer at or go to for full details.

It’s erm an orange bag. But hopefully it’ll encourage more people to be less lazy and sort their rubbish before taking it downstairs to the bins.
(Personally I’d quite like a triangular key for the lid of the bin so that I can just tip everything in instead of having to post it through the slot!)”


  1. To be fair it’s a very shiny and tough looking orange bag…

    I still have the massive canvas bag that they had on my estate when they were trialling high rise doorstep recycling and Bokashi (!) It holds a good few weeks of recycling.

    I do second your key idea though.

  2. I suspect the council wouldn’t be too keen to provide one, though – they occasionally leave it unlocked, and yesterday I noticed a plastic kid’s trike in there.

  3. I’ve had one of these bags for a while, I think the idea is you take it down to the bins – but then you have to remember to take it up again!

    They are pretty sturdy, but mine never leaves my kitchen

  4. Such efficiency – mine turned up this morning!

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