Online Clearout – Hoarders of Hackney!

Hello everyone! We are having a thoroughly overdue clear out of stuff from our flat. Its all vintage and collectable stuff we have collected over the years thats probably desirable to others so we decided to post things on a blog to see what interest we get. Please visit to browse what’s for sale we’ll be updating daily over the Xmas period  as we get photo’s etc sorted. Expect to see more tea sets small furnishings handbags and clothing in the coming days. If anything catches your eye feel free to get in touch to take a closer look or make an offer.  We are just of Church Street by Clissold Park.

Many thanks! – V


  1. Hello Again, Blog has only been going for a day and first mistake spotted! The Denby Tea and Coffee Set was mis-priced, its not £60 but only £45. Thanks V

  2. Hi there, When having your clear out remember that there are loads of ways in which you can get rid of those things which are not re-saleable. Sometimes stuff can look rubbish that nobody would want but that’s not always the case. There is often somebody out there who will find a way to put it to good use. You can try ‘gifting’ your junk items on sites like the well known Freecycle or Scavenger (Hackneys newest recycling network). You won’t always find a taker but it’s always worth a try simply to try to reduce the load on our landfill sites. Tom

  3. Thanks Scavengerman, will keep that in mind when/if we don’t sell everything. The blog now has many many more items online, feel free to make us an offer if you like what you see! Unfortunately we can’t do open viewings of everything as the flat isn’t big enough and the smaller items are packed away! If you are really interested in an item we can arrange a viewing at a convenient time. Thanks, V.

  4. Hello All, the green Hornsea Heirloom set is now sold, as is one of the lampshades.We now have 3 lampshades left at £15 each or £40 for the set.New stuff will be added tomorrow ibcluding an awesome coffee table!Thanks, V

  5. Hello Again! New items up on the site now, still time to get a last minute Xmas present from our Hoardings! Seasons Greetings, V

  6. We’ll also now throw in free delivery to anywhere in Hackney before the New Year for any item we have for sale! If you find something you like on our blog drop us a line at and feel free to make an offer. Seasons Greetings V

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