ONE SHOT MOVIE: Screening & Awards Ceremony 26/09/12

Wednesday 26 September 7.30 £6

ONE SHOT MOVIE: Screening & Awards Ceremony

The Copacabana steadicam shot from Goodfellas…the Dunkirk beach scene from Atonement…the Bobby Sands interrogation in Hunger…the whole of Russian Ark…What do these have in common?

They were all made using just one shot.

So great is the challenge of creating an iconic one shot moment that three London-based film aficionados decided to launch the One Shot Movie Competition in April 2012.

The rules were simple: make a short film using just one shot. No cuts. No magic tricks. Just a single shot.

Having accepted entries from all over the world the Awards Ceremony will screen the ten shortlisted films before announcing the winner of the Best One Shot Movie 2012.

The Prize? £1000 cash a trophy and two days edit time at leading Visual Effects company Prime Focus. This is a film competition unlike any other and the evening promises to screen some of the most original and groundbreaking short films of the year!