Olympic Zone Parking

In areas without Controlled Parking Zones, Hackney Council has recently brought in new temporary parking restrictions in advance of the Olympic Games.These regulations affect the Victoria Park area and function from now until 9 September.Please be reasured that you can still legally park to shop locally:All the shops, cafes and restaurants in south Hackney, around the Victoria Park/Lauriston  Road roundabout,  have free scratch permits to give out to customers; each card entitles customers to 3 hours free parking locally, in the marked ‘business bays’.Shops each have a list of where these bays are located.Traders are in discussion with the Council over the monitoring of the scheme, as the wardens who police the area have not been properly trained in the new rules and are issuing incorrect penalties. Businesses are already seriously affected by the loss of custom.(Keep your used scratch permits so that you have evidence, if you need to protest about a ticket received; and discuss any concerns with a shopkeeper and your local councillor).

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  1. It’s a bit high tech – I have a ‘Virtual Permit’ presumably they have linked in with the DVLA – I don’t have to display a permit – they have my registration details and as the car is registered at my address – I can park. For visitors you log in to the parking site in Hackney , I think you can link from the locog site, and enter a registration and it gives you the right for that car to park in our street for 24 hours – all free – so far have registered one visitor – he wasn’t ticketed (£130 or £65 if paid within a fortnight) but maybe the wardens just didn’t visit.

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