Olympic parking – white and red boxes around Hackney

Olympic parking Photo by Clapton Mile This had twitter buzzing this week so I thought I’d add it here. It started with this tweet: ——————————————–Anybody know what these red and white boxes are that are appearing on our streets? twitter.com/ClaptonMile/st…— Clapton Festival (@ClaptonMile) May 25 2012 ——————————————–The replies were:——————————————–@ fuckyeahhackney @ claptonmile yes they are for temporary parking restrictions for olympics. Got them on our road too— Oliver (@OAJP24) May 25 2012——————————————–and——————————————–@ fuckyeahhackney they are for parking signs presumably during the Olympics— Carl Hughes (@ithoundUK) May 26 2012——————————————–“

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