Olympic Delivery Authority’s decision to build on Hackney Marsh

There’s a beautiful nature reserve/marsh in Hackney and Walthamstow- desolate and peaceful and only a 5 min get away from the city smog, for those who live in the area. It is one of the few areas in London where people can enjoy walking their dogs; running; canoeing on the canal; kites etc. The ODA (Olympic Delivery Authority) want to build a ‘temporary’ basketball training ground over one of the marshlands, which is brimming with wildlife. There will be a car park; roadway; camping etc etc and on top of that, there are building plans for flats thereon. Even if it will be supposedly for 8 months, the buildings for the Olympics will destroy this natural habitat for a long time. The ODA did have other disused built up areas that could have been an alternative and despite the proposals having been previously rejected, the planning slipped in within the space of a couple of months and a lot local residents were unaware. In the PPG2 (Planning Policy Guidance) it states \In the green belt there is a general presumption against inappropriate development unless very special circumstances can be demonstrated to show that the benefits of the development will outweigh the harm caused to the green belt”- in this case the big dogs are saying this is the Olympics. Now I am all for the Olympics and I think the UK will prosper from them but I do not think a training ground for the Paralympics is a necessity in this area nor does it benefit the local community whatsoever (schools also use this area). The councillors who argued against the proposals as part of the Planning Committee stated that they were “shocked” that the proposal had even been brought for discussion as there was a blatant dismissal of the Metropolitan Green enforcement and despite their being a huge vote against and the arguments for were very poorly structured or investigated the Chair of the board voted for and the construction will commence in 1 month. THEREFORE there is 1 month for 2000 signatures to be raised for a petition to have this brought back to a committee and numerous of other publicity action needed to make people aware of this happening and stop it before it is too late and much needed green land destroyed in the name of unnecessary development.I was so upset to be present at the Planning meeting in Waltham Forest and witness the injustice of the voting system. The decision had already been made prior to the hearing and the money had been counted; the corrupt nature of it was shocking evidence of the far-removed media coverage I often read and see.Please please sign the petition below and send it to anyone you think may be opposed to this. I have also attached a link to the Federation website. You could also join the Facebook Group Don’t Be Harsh Save The Marsh; or Tweet about it. http://www.change.org/petitions/waltham-forest-council-stop-the-planning-application-on-leyton-marsh-e10-7ql http://www.leavalleyfederation.org/

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  1. I  fully and wholeheartedly share your concern.But unlike many, I am against this whole Olympic concept anyway.  I believe that it is tainted with the interests of corporate business seething and bubbling and underlying the whole thing.  I don’t think ordinary people will benefit much from teh building, the games itself or under the so called ‘legacy’ either.This piece of news indicates how arrogant are the people who manipulate themselves into positions where they can get their own way.  One can only speculate as to their motives, I wouldn’t include the word ‘altruistic’ among those motives.  Of course one cannot really voice one’s suspicions publicly and I am not doing so here.  The blanket reason given normally for wheezes of this kind is that it is for ‘The Public Good’  and they think with this slogan they can override people’s legitimate objections.  This catchphrase is often invoked in granting planning permission for blatantly commercial projects such as supermarkets or road schemes involving compulsory purchase.  Individuals and their weak reactive, and what may be perfectly legitimate, protests are often swept away in the process.Officialdom has everything going for it.  It  (They) know the procedures and they can be economical with the truth.  So called ‘Consultation’ is really a euphemism for information about an already done deal.  Many of them are already at work in hteir employment or in the Council chamber getting paid for, and having the time for taking these decisions.  Objectors have a living to earn elsewhere and in most cases are only reacting to some outrageous scheme or another – always on the back foot, in their own time, ill informed and amateur.I am not advocating anything jsut stating a fact;  but here in Britain we have a tendency to do as we are told.  We are very easily placated or bamboozled.  I am sure that in warmer climes people would be out there demonstrating.  But here, we write a letter to the paper.  Or we may even in extreme circumstances hold a march a million strong but still we are ignored.  Our legitimate wishes are flouted.But having said that and being an Englishman I will most certainly agree to sign a petition.  Let’s see what happens.I suppose it will all depend on how much the residents of Hackney really care about it, and the morals and principles involved over and above their preoccupation with mobile phones, trainers and x boxes.

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