Olympic Broadcast & Media Centre

I’ve been hearing bits and pieces about this through work, but I’ve been doing a wee bit more digging, so thought I’d share it here. (And I have a bit of an interest, since I was working in the IBC during the Olympics) The site as a whole has the terrible name iCITY – there’s some marketing guff at http://icitylondon.com/ – and I think their plans will be subitted in April.However, there’s a bit out already: BT have been going around buying up lots of sports rights, and will be launching a couple of TV channels this summer. They’re taking about a third of the IBC, and their plans are online already: http://planningforms.newham.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=MECE9KSZK0000 It’s not very exciting in itself – it’s still a big grey shed, and it seems anything to change that will be part of the iCITY development – but does show that BT are planning on building what’s essentially a TV factory in Hackney, with (big) studios, edit suites, audience wrangling, and all the rest. Plus 100 full-time jobs, and a whole lot more temp ones too.